Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Donald Trump For President - No Really - Hear me out

It’s an odd thing, I’ve always considered myself a Republican, in some regards anyhow - I favor a strong military and more conservative fiscal policy - when it’s prudent. Smaller government always sounds nice, but frankly it’s difficult to achieve, the free market rarely truly manages itself in such complicated times. But I often lean very left on social issues. I think religions should stay far away from the government and vice versa. At the onset of this presidential election cycle, I was sure the republican establishment would eventually put forth Jeb Bush as their presidential candidate. They seem to love the idea of dynasties.  I hadn’t realized just how fractured the poor, “Grand Old Party” had become. The infighting spilling over now to the point that I can’t see a way it won’t eventually devolve into a fracture that splits the party irrevocably. 

 That being said, we’ve now wasted most of the last decade seeing the two dominant parties become ever further apart - with no one showing up to try to unite them with the common goal of compromising to further the overall goals of the common good. You know, what our government has done now for over 200 years. My way or the highway has simply never worked. The wisest of our leaders have always known that we have to find common ground and work our way out from there to make progress on any issue. We are an insanely diverse nation, often with little in common other than our strong belief that this has been and always can be the greatest nation on Earth.

 With all that being said, it’s clear - neither side of the current political debate is capable of producing a single leader that stands any chance of uniting our nation. Frankly, I don’t think either side is even interested in that. Which might be why, Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for president at this time. Yeah, I know right? this sounds like lunacy. He’s not someone who will unite the divided nation behind him, he can’t even seem to unite the Republican party. But that’s exactly it, he might be the best divider ever. He might so enrage both sides of the fence once president, that he might actually force congress to work together, albeit against him…

 Human nature lends itself to dividing us. For whatever Darwinian reasons, evolution seems to favor that as a large populace forms, we have to begin to diversify our opinions and beliefs. It seems to be a survival of the species things. If everyone easily agreed on a course of action of every time, at some point the whole herd of humanity may have gone off the same cliff together. As such, we seem to instinctively form opposition to protect some portion of the populace from a single potentially disastrous idea. 

So perhaps, Donald Trump as President of the United States of America can be that opposition and be that “enemy” both parties can rally AGAINST and unite to overcome. I’m mean, let’s be real. If he’s elected there’s almost zero chance he’ll feel beholden to the GOP. They’ll try to get him to play by party rules and stand the party line and often he simply won’t. He’s going to literally do whatever thing he thinks is the right thing to do at any moment. The result is going to have to be that congress will actually have to step up and do their dang jobs for once. If they want to prevent President Trump from just going mad with Executive Orders, they’ll be forced to unite and compromise to pass bills left and right over turning or blocking anything he does or wants to do. 

The best part of it all, Trump isn't an idiot - lest anyone thinks so - he make act like a pompous fool at times - but he is a cold calculating and intelligent person. I'm starting to wonder if this hasn't been his plan all along... Should be an interesting next couple of years in politics.